Manny Being Manny

08_06_05_manny_sign800600 Well the drama that is Manny Ramirez took an interesting turn late yesterday evening.  It was first reported on ESPN Deportes that Manny has said he will not be traded and will be happy to stay in Boston where he says he is familar with the American League and good friend David Ortiz.  It has been long reported that Manny has not been happy in Boston low these many years and has asked for several trades.  This latest chapter should come as a relief to Sox fans since the only trade partner lately has been Al east foe Baltimore Orioles.  I have said many times before I do not believe there was equal trade value for Manny, short of A-Rod, anything else would leave a hole in the line-up and leave DH David Ortiz unprotected.  For all Manny is, he is still one of the best hitters in all of baseball, and happy or not he has produced with Hall of Fame numbers throughout his time and Boston, and has never let the Red Sox or thier fans down in the playoffs or clutch situtaions, unlike Mr May A-Rod.  Hopefully this will be the last trade chapter with Manny and the Sox, and they can get back to filling out the rest of the 06 line-up




    I hope Manny stays with the Soxes, but anyone would be crazy to think that he won’t ask to be traded sometime this season. I read about him wanting to stay today on Espn, but I also heard on Espn that his agent said he would be willing to be traded to the Orioles or Mets. Who really knows what he thinks. Personally I like Manny being Manny so long as it’s not happening on my team.

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