Sox sign Joel Pineiro

  The Boston Globe and ESPN are reporting that the Red Sox have signed right-handed pitcher Joel Pineiro.  It is being reported that the deal is for one year and almost four million dollars.  Pineiro was dreadful last year, posting an e.r.a. just south of seven in the forty games he appeared in.  the move does bolster the Red Sox bullpen though, and gives them depth at the long-reliever role, or a spot starter.

  Last year with the Mariners, Pineiro had his worst season in the Majors, with an e.r.a. of 6.36, almost 2 full runs over his lifetime e.r.a. of 4.38.  Pineiro appeared in forty games last season and pitched 165.2 innings, allowing 117 earned runs, also he was tagged for 209 hits, with 87 strikeouts, and 64 base on balls.  The Mariners did not offer salary arbitration to Pineiro this off-season.

  It looks as though Red sox brass have signed Pineiro because he so durable, and can give them alot of innings out of the pen.  My only question is, did you have to give a guy the Mariners did not want a four million pay day?  Either way for better or worse, he is Red Sox now. Hey I wonder if he can close?




    deny it if you want to, i think the Red Sox have been grossly overspending this offseason..

    from Dice-K’s posting bid (regardless of luxury tax exemption, the Red Sox still have to amortize the amount over the years) to Lugo’s contract to Drew’s contract (which is gonna go through i think) to now Pineiro’s contract

    (ironically, the Yankees have mostly been streamlining, picking up young pitching prospects and an affordable middle-reliever); Andy Pettitte has been the only big pickup (so far)

  2. Jeff

    I like the Pineiro signing. He provides added depth in the bullpen, and he has a proven track record as a starter. With the exception of last season, he has posted decent numbers. Theo said that he would add depth to the rotation and the bullpen. After last season, when the Sox had to start guys like Jason Johnson, Kevin Jarvis and David Pauley, why wouldn’t you like the additions of guys like Pineiro to add to Julian Tavarez, Kason Gabbard and Jon Lester who can step in and provide a quality spot start when needed. The rotation and bullpen looks good for 2007. Even if the Sox don’t trade for a proven closer, I think one will emerge between Craig Hansen, Edgar Martinez and Brendan Donnelly.


  3. jonathan

    Levelboss how can argue that the Red Sox have out Yankee’d the Yankees…the Sox are spending money like they are printing it…which is odd because last july they said they could not compete with the yanks in the $$$…which is why they passed on Abreu

    Jeff I like the signing, but not at four million dollars for one year…if he has a good year then the Sox will really have to pay…and if he stinks then they paid 4 mill to a guy no one was going to sign

  4. jonathan

    Yea Levelboss, just a closer…LOL…spent over a 1/4 of a billion dollars at the free agent store and left without signing a closer….rumor is they are going to promote within in spring training, much like the 03 season when they also had no closer….what a flawed plan starting a season with no closer…

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