Buddy Holly………….

the Boston Red Sox.


So I guess it was destiny that the Twins beat the Red Sox today right?  I mean how often does a team open a new ballpark…and how often has that team hosted the Red Sox….well the Red Sox opened the old Yankee Stadium back in 1923…and they lost that game too.  Most likely the reason the Twins and MLB decided to set these two up.


  Today’s game was especially painful to watch, mainly because of the sloppy brand of ball the Sox played.  It was especially painful…because it seemed every weird bounce and bump went the way of the Twinkies.  The piss poor pitching also hurt the Sox cause today…as Jon Lester was lousy and ineffective….tossing only five innings and getting roughed up to the tune of four runs on nine hits…and he was lucky that’s all the runs he gave up…as his control was awful.  The bullpen only gave up one run today….and that counts as good news I guess.  For the record the bullpen has given up a run in every appearance they have made this year….not bad…pretty consistent if you ask me.


  On another note the Sox defense seemed pretty leaky again today…as quite a few balls got through that “solid” infield.  I don’t….to me Marco Scutaro does not look like the defensive stalwart that was advertised.  Maybe the Sox were gassed by all the balls being put in play by the Twins….either way it was a pretty shameful how bad they played as group today.


  The silver lining today was how bad everyone played on offense, that means we don’t have single out David Ortiz.  Ortiz by the way did collect a rare hit today…. But he also collected the not so rare strikeout….he collected two of those.  If you are counting…that is 10 whiff’s in his last 12 plate appearances.  Ortiz is not alone in fanning the flames…. his left-handed buddy JD RALLY KILLER DONKEY HOLE DREW also whiffed for the 8th time in 6 games.  Not bad…especially for a guy touted for his OBP.


  Oh well…. that game was just number 7 of 162…. No reason to panic.  Besides the Twins are going to be a good team this year…and that was a road game…. So the Sox only win on the road about 40% percent of the time…and they only beat good teams about 30% of the time….. so the fuzzy math was working against the Sox today


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