Go over to The Joy of Sox webWell round two of the John Lackey show was on full display this afternoon….and it in a word…Lackey was not lacking.  So far in his two starts Lackey has been as good as advertised.  Ironically enough the Yankees version of Lackey pitched today….and for his second start in a row….Vasquez stunk on wheat.


  The one thing Lackey can’t do…is hit…and that’s too bad…as it seems the Sox will not hit for him in his starts.  Lackey has pitched 12.2 innings for the Sox this season…given up a total of 2 runs….and has been given exactly 4 runs of support for his trouble.  In today’s game it appeared that Lackey was going to be snake-bitten again when Victor Martinez botched a fastball from Hideki Okajima and allowed the runners to advance into scoring position.  For some reason….Terry Francona decided to walk Joe Mauer…who was already sitting on a 2-0 count.  The move paid off and the Sox were able to score some runs in the 8th off a three run double by super cool new guy Jeremy Hermida.  Wouldn’t it be something if this scrap heap guy is finally the restoration project that pays off for boy blunder Theo Epstein.


In the it still stinks catagory….David Ortiz and JD RALLY KILLER DONKEY HOLE DREW still…continue to be dead weight in an offense that is already lagging.  The Sox have A-Rod money committed to these two…to the tune of 28 million dollars…both guys are the highest paid position players on the team….and in  a strange twist….both guys are the biggest suck-wads on the team.  The only thing either of these two ***-clowns do on a regular basis is strike-out.  Today the pair struck out 4 times, for the season they have struck out an astonishing 23 times in just 7 games played.  In Drew the Sox are stuck for another year, however in Ortiz…expect the hook to be swift….especially with former World Series MVP Mike Lowell on the bench.


  Tomorrow is get-away-day for the Sox as they send Tim Wakefield to the mound to face lefty Francisco Liriano.  The game has an early 1:10 start, so try and fake an illness or at the very least get to a Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar and let them figure it out for you.


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