The $164,000,000 Million Dollar Bridge to Nowhere…..

 Get used to what you saw today….the 2010 Boston Red Sox being over-powered by good pitching.  It was a theme common to Red Sox Nation last season….and guess what…this team is no where near as good as the 2009 version that struggled mightly against good pitching.  The Sox looked foolish today at the plate, the lone exception being early MVP candidate Dustin Pedroia. 


  It was a so-so outing for Shakey Wakey today….he actually looked pretty good through the first five innings.  However the start of the 5th inning was another story as the Twins got to Wake often….putting up five earned in the next frame.  In all, Wakefield was tagged for ten hits and six earned runs…..but really that was moot since the Sox offense didn’t bother to give him one run of support in his 5 1/3 innings of action.  Not exactly another banner day for the bullpen, as they allowed six base-runners in 2 2/3’s innings of work to go along with two earned runs….not exactly nailing it down.

  I’m still not sure how Theo thought the “pitching and defense” solution was going to work.  For starters, the Sox pitching has not been that steller in the early going.  For the season….nine games….the Sox defense and pitching has allowed exactly 4.44 runs per game…..the offense…has scored exactly that…..4.44 runs per game.  You subtract game one of the season (Sox scored 9 gave up 7) and the Sox are scoring at a clip of just 3.8 runs per game while giving up 4.12 runs per game.  That type of math if you are scoring at home….will equal a very disappointing season.  These are the same type of numbers that the Sox had in 2006…when they finished in 3rd place in the American League East….a fate they seem destined for this season as well.

  The big question is how long can the Sox resist making a move with David Ortiz and JD RALLY KILLER DONKEY HOLE DREW.  With both players the Sox have players on the bench that could spell both more effectively.  In Mike Lowell the Sox have a guy that is slow and long in the tooth…but whom did put up 20 homers and 85 r.b.i. in a short season and on one leg and a bad hip.  The Sox also have Jeremy Hermida, who is still an unknown quanity…but could be the answer to the Drew problem.  For the record Drew is now tied with Ortiz for the MLB lead in strike-outs, Drew had a three k day today.

  The Sox limp back to Fenway after posting a 3-3 road record that brings them to 4-5 for the season.  The good news for the Sox is they will play a few games in Fenway….the bad news is…they ain’t facing either the O’s or the Astros.  The Sox square off with a four game set against the Tampa Bay Rays….who by the way have some pretty good starting pitching.  It’s way to early to place a value on this series…but I think most would agree at the very least the Sox need to at least split this series with the Rays.  Game one tomorrow night…Josh Beckett vs Wade Davis.


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  1. serrabloodsong

    Not to deviate too much from your post..but opening with a picture like that…and suddenly it is very hard to be in a bad mood even with how poorly the Red Sox performed. That picture is win. Good on ya to put something up to cheer up the fans! 😀


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