Attack of the Boston Blow-Pen

  In an offseason that you allowed your franchise closer go without so much as an offer…there is gonna be second guessing.  In an offseason filled with all sorts of PROVEN closers on the market, and you you choose two guys with a LESS than stellar track record…there is going to be second guessing.  In an offseason where you allow the kid you were grooming to be a closer…become a mediocre starter…there is going to be second guessing.  It’s not rocket science….getting the last three outs of a baseball game are trickier than they look, if it wasn’t so difficult…anyone could do it….and clearly the 2012 Boston Red Sox have no one who can.

  It is going to be an interesting season for Bobby V and Ben Cherrington to be sure.  Cherrington is going to cling to the facts…he did bring a closer in to fill the role of Jonathan Papelbon…in fact he brought in two.  So far both guys have lived up to thier lofty expectations.  On thursday Mark Melancon question Bobby V for his quick hook…..guess what douche-bag…looks Bobby”s thinking was right in that instance.  Today’s game was just truley amazing….in over 28 years of watching the Sox….I don’t ever recall seeing a more back-breaking loss. 

  It was incredible to watch the Sox hitters overcome…and overcome.  The Sox rallied not once..not twice…not three times…but four times to get that 12-10 lead.  It begs the question, how many runs would have been enough for the Sox blow-pen today.  The combo of Bucholtz, Aceves, and Mark Melancon blew leads of 2 runs twice and 3 runs once.  It is almost mathmatically possible to see that in a major league game….look it up…watch every game played by every team this season….you won’t see a pitching staff implode like the wat the Sox did today.

  Where do the Sox go from here….that is the toughest question of all.  Of the last 4 games the Sox have played…they have watched the other team walk-off three.  These losses coupled with last season will take an immediate toll on this team.  There are no quick fixes…NONE.  We are three games into the season and apparently not one of the Sox blow-pen guys have the balls to get 3 outs…no matter what size lead they are handed. If you thought last season was bad…this one will be worse.  It has been almost a decade since a Sox team sucked wire to wire…but this team will.  If the Sox can”t find a way to close games out (cuz they sure as shit can’t score 12 everynight) plain and simple…this season will be hijacked by pitching.  The Sox just played a series in which their starters went 15 innings…and were tagged with 15 earned runs.  The blow-pen blew 3 saves…and allowed 5 runs today in just 3 innings of late inning work.  Staggering stats to be sure, but the truth like the stats wear no disguises.


posted by Jonathan Dunlow



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