Reality Bites….

  There is a good chance tonights game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will be rained out.  Today…April 22nd 2012…this is what constitutes good news in Red Sox Nation…since we all know the Red Sox are undeafeated in games that are rained out.

  In the aftermath of the game that will soon have some clever nickname by ESPN or NESN…we have learned a few things about the 2012 Red Sox.  For starters it appears that this team…like thier 2011 brethern…have no heart…no guts..and no spine whatsoever.  Not one of the marquee players would speak to the media after the game last night…not Pede…not Papi…not Gonzo…all declined..leaving like rats fleeing a sinking sheep.  The problem at large for this team besides no leadership…is no accountability to go along with a side of no heart…plain and simple.  It would easy to leave the offense out of the conversation when discussing the yesterday’s meltdown…however…once again…in key at bats…when the game was in doubt…most of the Boston hitters…were blanks at the plate.  The Sox could have answered with a run in the bottom of the 7th…they had a lead off man at second with no outs…but the boys from Beantown showed thier true colors (yellow) as like the dogs they are ……when petted…they laid down. 

  The problem for this team goes alot deeper than a new center fielder or another bullpen guy…this team needs a heart transplant.  Gone are the days of cowboy up…or why not us…or believe…they have been replaced by cop out artist like Adrian Gonzalez…who points to things so unrelated to baseball and so absurd they defy all logic and reason.  Gonzalez is going to be the face of this franchise for better or worse, he was brought here to restore order and power to the offense…and for the most part…when it matters…the only place you find ole Gonzo is at Eastern Bank…cashing his checks…or plugging his bank.  Gonzalez isn’t the only one to blame….but like a bitter Yankee fan…when the going gets tough…you blame the guy brought in making a SHIT-LOAD of money doing the very least and coming up small when it counts most…in games and against teams that matter.

  The hard truth is…the 2012 Red Sox were most likely NOT built to win a championship. Ownership is bored with this toy…and the checks written these days are for thier soccer club across the pond.  The keys were turned over this winter to Larry Lucchino, a man so removed from reality and how to build a winner…he would need a GPS to get back to how building winning baseball teams are done-ville.  Lucchino being a sick twisted old man quickly castrated his new GM privately and publicly.  Cherrington took the low road this off season because of it….and to that end…you are seeing the end result on the field.  There are no quick fixes in April…no blockbuster deals….no waiver wire magic…if the Boston Red Sox are to turn it around in 2012…then someone..somehow is going to have to step up and lead them through the door called winning baseball….


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