Top Ten Rain Out Baseball Movies….

  So the game has been rained out….this season that counts as good news.  Here is a list to keep handy in case the Sox are rained out again….or you just want a break from the horror show that is the 2012 Red Sox.

10. Fever Pitch- this movie is in the lighter fare variety…but it does give the normal people a glimpse into the crazy side of Red Sox Nation and how some people devotion to the Sox can sometimes cause a lack of what’s important.  In the end crazy Ben gets the girl…and the Sox go home with the hardware.

 9. For The Love of the Game- what can I say really…it is a baseball movie…my wife likes it….and the main character pitches a perfect game versus the Yanks that puts Boston in the playoffs….

 8. You have to be kidding me if you say you have never seen this one….it is a classic that you can watch over and over again….and I do…..

 7. Perhaps one of the most underrated baseball movies of all time.  Stealing Home was released under the radar in 1989.  It was great then…it is even better now…as I am old enough to relate to what the movie was about….def worth a trip to redbox or netflixs for this one.

 6. Whats not to like about this one…and depending on your age….it can be a trip down memory lane you can take with the whole family.

 5. What a great movie this is…for me it takes me right back to my childhood..playing everyday in a field much like the sandlot…with people like the movie….this is another great movie to watch with the family….and if you have seen it…def worth another watch.

 4. Sometimes…this movie could be number one on my list…but not today…as the Bulls are now a Triple A farm team for the Rays.  With that being said this is one of THE best baseball movies you will ever watch about baseball and the players that play the game.  If you have seen it 50 times…might as well make 51…it is that good.

  3. Another romantic movie about baseball set in a time…when the game was still America’s past time. Great flix…great ending… Robert Redford when being interviewed for the Ted Williams HBO special said Ted Williams was his hero and that the character in the movie was in part based on Ted’s feats and abilities.  This one is another must see again if you have already seen it.

 2. Now there is a chance you haven’t seen this one….since it is the newest movie on this list being released in 2011.  The movie based on the best-seller by the same name is an unreal study of a guy’s (Billy Beane) journey though life with the game of baseball.  His character’s passion for the game was at times overwhelming….with many great quotes…my favorite…..” I hate losing…I hate it more than I like winning…thats how much I hate it”….great line….even better movie….even the ladies will like this one…and it doesn’t hurt Brad Pitt has the lead role.

 1. This one for me will always be at the top of the short list for best sports movie of all time and maybe even one of the best movies I have ever seen.  Every time I watch it…it is like the first time..with the exception of knowing every line.  For me this movie seems like it was written for me about me…from the complicated relationship with the father…rejecting baseball….the Red Sox…the girl from Iowa..embracing baseball again.  This movie is unbelieveable…and the magic in how it transends time.  “It remind us of all that once was good and it could be good again. Oh people will come Ray. People will most definitely come”.  Just typing that gave me goosebumps….


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