Three for the Road…..

  The good news is simple….the Boston Red Sox completed a three game sweep against the Twins…thier first such sweep since sweeping the Mariners back in July of 2011.  It is also the 2nd time this season the Sox have won three games in a row….none small feats to be sure.

  Clay Buchholz took the mound last night…and again for most of the night it was a Dice K-ish highwire act of walks and hits…baserunners scattered all over the place all night.  Through five innings Buchy was able to minimize the damage.  However starting the 6th inning was another story, and he was charge with 5 earned runs. as the bullpen came in…and as ususal the Bullpen was like gasoline on a fire.  Buchholz final line was pretty ugly…5.1 innings pitched…5 earned runs…10 hits and three walks to go with just 2 strikeouts.  Amazing as it is seems…not only did he get the win…he lowered his ERA to a Lacky-esque 8.87 runs per game.  It seems in the early going…that Buchy is not going to be the reliable third starter the Sox are going to need if they have any hopes of making a run at the post-season.

  The offense scored six or more times for the 4th game in a row…so it “seems” maybe they are FINALLY finding some consistancy.  Everyone of the starting nine, with the except Sweeney and Big Papi had hits.  The Sox put up 10 hits to go along with thier seven runs.  The ugly flip side is the Sox continue to put up poor AB.  The Sox walked just twice last night, but struck out eight times…a disturbing early season trend.  Back to the good news side of the ledger…Mike Aviles continues to be white hot as he had hit another homer, and drove in three runs and scored another.

  The Sox now head into the windy city to face the White Sox, who have not been world beaters in the early going.  It is a four game series, so both teams entire rotation will be featured pretty much.  The White Sox are 10-8 so far this season, and the Sox are 8-10.  If the Sox want to continue thier climb back to .500, then nothing except a split will be acceptable in this series. 


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