The Day the Music Stopped…..

So there was some hope that the Red Sox opponent this weekend would somehow inspire the Sox…fire them up.  That thought has quickly vanished today as the Sox fell behind early….and would go onto defeat 8-2 versus the Baltimore Orioles.  If you are keeping score @ home…the Sox have now played five series in Fenway Park…and have dropped four.

  Todays game was more of the same for the boorish Red Sox.  Poor hitting…poor at bats…and even worse starting pitching.  I will give Aaron Cook a pass…he did recieve 11 stitches after the game….but that begs the question….why was he allowed to come back in…and why was he left out there so long.  Bobby Valentine came to Boston with the reputation of being a manager that knew how to handle pitchers and the bullpen….to that end…I have seen VERY little evidence of that.  With that being said the bullpen has done an ok job the last two games…pitching 20 inning in two days and allowing four runs…three coming in last nights heartbreaking 13 inning loss.

  The Red Sox helter skelter offense is again gone helter.  Some days the Sox look like the 27 Yankees…and they can’t be stopped…the other half of the the time…they look like inpatient pathtic excuses for major league hitters.  The Sox have struggled all year with pitch selection…and not seeing enough pitches.  It also seems that David Ortiz has reverted to some bad habits, as he is now trying to pull every pitch.  “Slugger” Adrian Gonzalez went almost a week inbetween hits…he seems to be getting on base now…however it has been about 2 weeks since he driven in a Red Sox baserunner…and even longer since his last homer.  At the monent it seems like half of the team is struggling…which has been the case since last September.

  Equally disturbing as the Sox recent hitting woes and ALL season pitching concerns…is the NEW problem of rolling over at Fenway.  The Sox have won there just 4 times this season…versus 7 times on the road.  Even bad..horrible …spineless teams play well at thier home ballpark.  Not this band of quitters and selfish brand of Red Sox players…they chose to STINK it up the worst for the fan base that has stuck by them even amidst the worst of allegations.  Ah yes…the season is “still” early….but this team has shown us very little reason to BELIEVE.


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