Around the Horn – Losing Sucks Edition

Baseball is a team sport…therfore when the TEAM is hard to blame one person….but when your $24 million dollar “superstar” goes 0-8…striking out with 2 on in the 17th inning…versus a DH….looks like he is the guy thats gonna take the fall.  It seems like Gonzo comes up alot these days..and leaves alot of guys right where they were…or worse…grounds into a DP.  If you are keeping track…and I am…the weak hitting 1st baseman now has 1 rbi in the last nine games the Sox have played.  Gonzo hasn’t hit a homer since April 17th…and worse still he only has 2…which is only 2 more than I have…currently I am NOT a member of the Boston Red Sox 25 man roster.  Worse still Gonzo …when not driving in runs provides the front row with quite a bit of wind…as he now has 20 strikeouts versus 23 hits.  Luckily for Gonzo…the Sox signed Carl Crawford last year…so the title WORST SIGNING OF ALL TIME is currently resting with Crawford…..FOR THE MOMENT.

  It was another tough day at the Fens for the Boston Red Sox.  Clay Buchholtz wishes he had heat like Chris Davis.  A long time ago…when Buchy was a hot prospect…he once no hit the Orioles.  These days…Buchy usually goes 5 innings…giving up a touchdown or so when he toes the rubber.  The good news for Clay Buchholtz is Roidgers Clemens is standing trial in a courtroom in D.C….otherwise the Sox may be tempted to give him a call.  All kidding aside…how long can the Sox keep running Buchy out there every 5th day at the major league level.  He clearly can’t get major league hitters out with any frequency…and he looks like a guy that has zero faith in his stuff.

  Where the Sox go from here is anyones guess…the schedule says the Sox will head to Kansas City…no doubt the Royals have circled these games on thier calender.  On paper the Sox still have enough to compete at the big league level…but it just seems that they are always out of sync.  This team has no ying and yang where the offense and pitching is concerened…and worse yet…it really appears that none of the over paid players give a crap.  Ah yes Red Sox Nation….it appears that the dog days of 2012 have come very early…and it looks like they are here to stay.


posted by Jonathan Dunlow

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