Around The Horn- Red Sox Nation Daily Lives!!!

 So it has been awhile since Red Sox Nation Daily has written a blog, more to the point the Red Sox were not worth the time of putting fingers to keyboard.  It appears that the Sox will at least be exciting, and this team so far seems to have a heart, so Red Sox Nation Daily is back for it’s 8th season of blogging, whining, sarcasm etc..

Most of the moves Ben Cherrington and company made this offseason didn’t move the needle and were not very exciting, but so far those moves have paid off big time, to the tune of 18 MLB leading wins.  The Red Sox have won all sorts of ways this year, hitting, bullpen pitching and starting pitching, but more importantly they are WINNING.  This team is very exciting to watch, thus far they play with a lot of heart and gusto, in some ways they remind me of the 2003 Red Sox whom were a very good but not quite good enough squad that played each game until the last out.  It remains to be seen what 2013 will hold for this version of the Red Sox, whether or not there will be an official market correction, or if they will contend all year for some sort of post season spot, but either way they have the makings of a club that will be at the very least FUN to watch.

Hopefully I will stay the course this year with Red Sox Nation Daily, but you can always follow the pain and agony on twitter each night when the Red Sox are playing @RSNDAILY .


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