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Was the 2010 season just a bad dream?  For the most, it was….everything that could go wrong….did.  The Sox were hit with devasting injuries that no team could overcome, especially one constructed with such a terrible bullpen, the flaw that sunk the 2010 season.  There were a few bright moments in 2010…however they were largely overshadowed by triple A line-ups, and pitching performances that were almost too horrible to watch night in and night out.  The only silver lining in the 2010 season, was the Sox splitting with the hated Yanks in the season series, and ruining thier chances late to win the division.


  So as bad as last season was….this past hot stove season was the equal opposite of that.  Watching Theo & Co. finally open thier wallets was like a DREAM.  The Sox pursued Carl Crawford…and out smarted the Yanks…whom spent all winter re-signing long time Yanks Derek (over-paid/over hyped) Jeter and Mo Riviera.  Oh yea…the Yanks also pursued free agent Cliff Lee…who choose substance over HYPE and went to the Phillies.  The Sox also finally landed Adrian Gonzalez, a move that many have speculated on for years.  It was very odd to watch Theo part with prospects, and spend money all in the same off-season, almost as if the IDEA was planted in his head. 


  With the pocket change Theo had left to spend, he made several “good” free-agent signings in the bullpen department.  Theo brought in long time White Sox Bobby Jenks….a move that spells the end of Jonathan Papelbon at the conclusion of the 2011 season.  Theo also made several moves in the bullpen area bringing in Denny Reyes, also a former closer.  Theo also brought in former Yankee Alfredo Aceves and former Rays set up man Dan Wheeler.  How all these guys shake out is anyone’s guess…however this group is much better than the tomato can’s that Theo usually trots out each spring.


How all this pans out in 2011 is anyone’s guess…this much is true…the 2011 version of the Red Sox should be more bearable to watch.  The roster has no real holes, and they are loaded at almost every spot, and the have depth to boot.  Will 2011  be a dream season…..I guess we will have to wait for the KICK.