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The longest goodbyeSo with the A.L. All-Stars down to thier final nine outs, and trailing 2-0, I wondered how Terry Francona was gonna get everyone into the game.  I guess the baseball gods took care of that one, because just a few short hours later, Francona had the opposite problem. 

  Last night’s game featured top shelf pitching, as both teams combined to strikeout 34 times in the game.  In 15 innings, both teams combined to get 27 hits, but it seemed none could get a big hit in those later innings.  The American League got to those later innings due in large part to a two run homer that had the mostly Yankee crowd cheering for a Red Sox.  For his efforts, Drew was awarded the MVP award for the game.  As you can see Drew got the award around 2 am EST, so I doubt he did much celebrating.

 Both teams went thru all thier pitchers, but at least both Francona and Clint Hurdle managed to save a starting pitcher just in case.  The Tampa Rays had requested that Scott Kazmir not be used unless it was an emergency, but Francona had to break the glass.  One has to wonder what Francona would have done if Texas Ranger Micheal Young had not ended the game with a sac-fly r.b.i. .

  It is amazing how the National League keeps ripping defeat from the jaws of victory in these All-Star games.  The N.L. has only managed a tie in the mid-summer classic since 1996.  So once again, the American League Champion will have home field advantage in the World Series.