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Manny Being Manny…..

Boston Dirt Dogs - Manny makes the catch, and catches a fan's hand

There are some that would say that there are overused terms in the sports arena, some would say that Manny being Manny is one of them, I say who the hell cares.  The play that Manny did yesterday in left field at Camden Yards could down in sports history as one of the greatest improved plays of all time.  In this age of pre-planned celebrations and posing for the ESPN highlights, nothing ever seems spontaneous in sports anymore.  However the play yesterday is beyond compare to all that crap you see in the NBA or in the NFL.  Manny made an unreal catch, on a ball that was well over his head, realed it in, climbed the wall, picked out a Red Sox fan, high fived em, and made a great throw to Dustin Pedroia to double up Aubry Huff and end a threat in the 4th.  Although the outcome was not as we had hoped, that play yesterday will live on much longer than a poorly placed Okijima fastball.  It’s Manny’s world, and you never know what tommorrow will bring with one of the greatest right handed hitters of all time….stay tuned ……