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The Bonds Verdict…….




So it looks like Barry Bonds may have hit career homerun #763 today in a Federal Court.  After years of pursuing Bonds and trying to have thier day in court, the U.S. Government got it….however they learned today what MLB pitchers have known for years….Bonds is a tough out…gets alot of hits…and he took alot of walks…today he got the biggest walk of his career!


Bonds today was convicted today of Obstruction of Justice charge, sure it’s a felony, but he was not however convicted of lying under oath on any of the other 3 charges.  So for all that….we get a vague verdict…that according to most legal experts either will be thrown out, or at the very most carry NO jail time.  So several millions of dollars and many years later the U.S. Government basically accomplished jack squat.  Hey at least they averted the shut down on Friday.


  I can hardly wait for Barry Bonds the sequel or as the Government calls it U.S. vs. Roidger Clemens.  Hopefully the lawyers in that trial keep the parade of ex-girlfriends and mistress’s to a minimum.