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Bloody Right…………..

 It was five years and 2 billion dollars in Yankee payroll …..on this night….that Curt ( Wyatt Earp) Schilling quieted the old Yankee Stadium patrons….and shut down the Yankee bats…basically on one leg.  Schillings performance propeled the Red Sox to a game seven showdown with the Yanks they would win…on thier way to thier first World Series title in 86 years……..


Keep that in mind Angels fans….as your team seems to be looking @ a three games to none series deficit……..


In Curt We Trusted……….

gladiacurt.jpgSo Curt Schilling posted on his blog that he has decided to retire.  For me the news is somewhat of a relief.  Schilling had previously stated he would like to end his career helping a team like the Cubs or Rays get over the hump.  The sight of Schill in another uniform…just the thought of it, made me wince.  Sure, there were other teams Schilling pitched for before he came to Boston, however how many curses did he undo in his career, before he unpacked his bags in Beantown.

  From the time Schilling landed in Boston, we knew there was going to be something special about this guy.  He had a clause written in his contract that provided a bounus year in Boston if he won the World Series.  There was nothing about the curse or the 86 years of futility that scared Curt Schilling.  Oh yea, he wasn’t afraid of the Yankee’s either, in fact in his time in Boston, Curt was somewhat of a Yankee Killer.  Curt did it time and time again to the Yankees, always on the biggest stage of course.

  Its hard to pinpoint a favorite Curt Schilling moment in a Red Sox uniform.  For  most it is probably the bloody sox game, that is surely up there.  The game that sticks out for me, which sums up the type of player Curt was, happened to be a regular season game, just one win in his total of 216 wins.  The game in question was June 8th 2007, versus the Oakland A’s.  The Sox were slumping badly, they had lost 4 in a row, the Yankees were creeping back up, they had just signed Roger Clemens.  The pitching was slumping, the hitting was slumping.  The Sox had a mini-trainwreck going.  Their ace Josh Beckett had just been pounded the night before, and after Schill was shakey Wakey.  However, just like every other time Schilling took the mound, I expected something great to happen.  Happen it did, bigtime to be certain.  All Curt Schilling did in that day game was hold the A’s to no runs, an almost no hit them.  Schilling took a no-no in to the bottom of the 9th before Shannon Stewart wrecked it.  The moral of that story was, Schilling was not going to be denied nor were his teammates of a victory that day.  Even though nobody bothered to give him any run support, Schilling did not want his Sox teammates to have to board that plane back to Boston on a 5 game skid, weighing more heavy with each loss.  So he did what winners and warriors do, he put the Sox on his back that day, and imposed his will on the Oakland A’s.  It was something he had done before and something he would do again, his Boston calling card so to speak.

  I never got to see Ted Williams play, the greatest hitter to ever live and play the game of baseball.  However it is with great pride that I got to see Curt Schilling pitch live and in person twice.  In each of those starts, Schilling was all that he could be, leaving with a lead both times.  I also never missed one of Curt’s starts on t.v. either, and most of the time, he did not dissapoint.  It was truely an event in my house when Curt (wyatt earp) Schilling took the mound.  Players today always talk about coming up big in the clutch or being the man.  Schilling never had to talk that trash, because he was the man, he was the hero every 5th day.  The bigger the stage, the bigger the man he was, he was a baseball superhero, defying all odds and logic.  Whether he was doing it when he was 40 in the World Series, or on one leg in an elimination game in Yankee Stadium, Curt Schilling was doing it the way legends do it.