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Peace Out………….

 Has anyone done as much to damage basball as one Donald Fehr….it’s hard to dispute the facts.  Thankfully and mercifully it looks like Fehr’s reign will be be over before the start of the 2010 baseball season.

  Sure players will say they have gone from an average salary of 209,000 thousand a year to just over 3 million a year, but that has not been a good thing, as the divide between the have’s and the have not’s have widened every year under Fehr’s watch.  Teams like the Royals, and Pirates among many others have failed to compete in decades because of the steep players salaries that rise every year for no good reason.

  Oh yea, there is one other issue that will be the by-line on Fehr’s resume, he fought tooth and nail to not have players tested and punished for steroids.  People will blame Bud Selig, and he does play a role in the escalation of steriod use in baseball, but as the head of the MLBPA, Fehr had the power to get the players on board with some type of testing early on.  It is hard to argue that Fehr was not at the very least complicite in assisting the steroid’s era in baseball, and he allowed to go on for far too long.