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Papi has the Kneasles….

The latest on Big Papi’s knee surgery today, from the Boston Globe….

Red Sox DH David Ortiz underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee today, according to a statement released by the team. The surgery, performed by team physician Dr. Thomas Gill, was done to address a cartilage problem in the knee. The surgery went well, according to the statement, and Ortiz is expected to begin rehabilitation immediately.



Rod Beck (1968 – 2007)

6/17/2000--BOSTON--Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Rod Beck acknowledges the applause of the home crowd after he left the game during the ninth inning of Saturday's game at Fenway Park in Boston. The Red Sox lost, 11 to 10, to the Toronto Blue Jays in nine innings of play.

Rest in Peace Rod Beck

An Ode to Rod Beck (2001)

He never quite looked
Like the other Red Sox
More like one of the Phillies
With his long, scraggly locks

But though not as clean-cut
As most cute Boston boys
With his pitching he brought us
Innumerable joys

When they called him to finish
What Pedro or Tim had begun
You could always have faith
Rod would get the job done

And I have to admit it—my eyes grew quite teary
At the thought of a Fenway with no Troy O’Leary!
How sad—no mo Nomo, Chris Stynes or Bichette!
John Valentin and Mike Lansing–we’ll never forget!

We thank you and we’ll miss you,
Dear Rod and all the rest
Whatever uniform you’re wearing,
Boston fans still love you best!

— Sincerely, Jessica Lynn Curtis, Sunnyside, N.Y.
My prayers are with his family and former teammates right now

Uh-Oh On Schilling….

Worried about Schilling?

June 19, 2007

Schill to have MRI

By Gordon Edes, Globe Staff

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling left the team and went back to Boston today to meet with team doctor Thomas Gill and have a precautionary MRI on his shoulder.

According to multiple reports, the Sox will be looking at his right (pitching) shoulder.

(Editor’s note — NESN’s Tom Caron provided the following additional information in his blog🙂

A Red Sox official told us there were concerns over the lack of velocity in Schilling’s performance last night. According to the NESN radar gun, Schilling never hit 90 mph over his 81 pitches last night.

The Red Sox confirmed that he would be undergoing a precautionary MRI and there was no word yet on whether or not he would miss his next start, scheduled for Sunday against Jake Peavy and the San Diego Padres

Lester to go Farming….

JON LESTER: 'Strong side session'Instead of making a trading deadline for a pitcher, it looks like the Red Sox will look within when it is time to bring along a new pitcher.  The word from Francona and company, is they would like to give Lester a little more time, allowing him to get a few more starts under his belt.  The consensus is that Lester will be taking Julian Tavarez spot in the rotation, however I would not be quick to assume that.  Tavarez has pittched very well of late, giving the Sox all you can ask for from a guy in the 4th or 5th spot in the rotation.  His e.r.a. has steadily decreased in each of his last four starts. Personally I believe the competion is between Tavarez and Wakefield for the 5th spot, with the fourth spot going to Lester.  If Wake continues his control problems, do not be suprised if that is the move the Sox make.

  Tonight Wakefield takes the hill against Aaron Cook and the Colorado Rockies.  In Cook, the Sox face a guy that has an e.r.a. in the mid-fours, and thats in the National League is well.  With the game tonight, the Sox open a six game homestand.  Hopefully the home cooking will be what helps the Sox and thier struggling offense, with Wake on the hill, I would not count on it.

Power Outage ????

Drew feels the pinch, but he understands it Okay, like most of Red Sox Nation I was not all that jazzed about the arrival of J.D. Drew.  For a time it looked like the Sox thought so highly of Mr. Drew that they were going to trade Manny, and let Drew be Big Papi’s protection, I’m glad cooler heads prevailed on that thinking.  So here we are on month # 3 of the J.D. Drew experiment, and so far it has been very unpleasant to watch.  Drew started out okay, if you have a memory that can go back that far.  Lately, though he has been very consistant, on getting out, or getting on base via a fielders choice.  Most of my complaints about Drew come from watching him play, he plays very uninspired and passion-less baseball.  His defense is very suspect, his arm very Damon like, and his batting just keeps getting worse and worse.  To make matters worse, he now platoons games when a left hander is on the mound, something he was supposed to be above. So Theo pass on Damon for 50 million, but signed this career .283 hitter to a 70 million dollar deal, it only makes Yankee sense this kinda-off deal.


Once again Theo has shown that he has very little ability to find the right kind of player who fits in Boston.  This deal smells very similer to the Edgar Rent-a-Wreck situation, where Boston ended up paying a player to go elsewhere.  Even more troubling is why they kept Wily Mo, if you are going to sign and make that kind of commitment to a player like J.D. Drew. 

  Theo my door is always open, the thing to have done is the situation, was to sign Trot, and platoon him with the young and talented Wily Mo Pena.  If Wily Mo is the next Manny incarnate, and the only thing he is missing is time in the field and at bats, then why sign Drew to a five year deal.  There were many pundits who critiqued this deal from the start, and it looks like the sound and fury had this one right all along.

Class Act……

Welcome Back Trotter

Trot Nixon the Cleveland Indians outfielder tips his helmet to the crowd after an ovation on his first at bat against the Red Sox at Fenway Park Monday May 28 2007.

Give Red Sox Nation and the Fenway Faithful credit, they did what was right as far as Trot Nixon was concerned.  Trot seemed to be touched by the crowds response to him as well.

The Return Of Trot….

The Indians signed Nixon to a one-year, $3 million contract this offseason. The original dirt dog has managed to stay on the field so far and is hitting a solid .281 for the Indians with two home runs and 20 RBIs. And he's outhitting his replacement, the struggling J.D. Drew, who makes almost five times as much as Nixon. Trot Nixon makes his return to Fenway Park tonight, his home for seven seasons.  Trot was cast aside this past off-season by Theo & company for a higher priced less producing solution.  Trot was forced to take a one year deal from Cleveland, and so far has rewarded them for thier investment.  Nixon is hitting .281 for the season, and has driven in 20 runs as well.  I hope the Fenway Faithful do what is right tonight and cheer Trot everytime he is up, of course unless the game is one the line.
  Welcome back to Fenway Trot, Red Sox Nation has missed you!