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“Sad End…to a Sorry Episode…”




  In the words of Bart Giamatti circa 1989 after he suspended Pete Rose from baseball for life…Bart said “it’s the sad end to a sorry episode”.  That kinda sums up the latest Manny Ramirez drama, and his “retirement” from baseball.


  I know Manny’s time in Boston ended quickly, and it ended because Manny was greedy, and he feared Boston would pick up his $20 million option for the following season.  However Manny was always a player I gave a secret pass too.  It seemed that Manny always operated on a place between earth and Manny-land, however he also seemed harmless and generally a likeable guy.  Things did get nasty at the end, but I like a lot of Red Sox fans chalked that up to a guy who wanted out of Bean town badly.


  Then word that Manny’s name along with many others turned up on a list of players who tested positive for PEDS in 2003.  Not much was made of Manny being on that list, I for one was disappointed, but details of the test were vague at best, so who knows what he tested for, and Manny did little to shed light on the subject.  Fast forward to Manny’s 2009 positive drug test for whatever the hell it was he tested positive for. Manny did try and explain…but like most juicers…a plausible excuse was never forthcoming.


  Now it’s 2011, and Manny has yet another failed drug test…to wit we can only draw one conclusion….he was most likely a juicer his entire career.  Of course instead of boring us with details and excuses…Manny took the road less traveled and just peaced out.  I can’t blame him there…these guy’s excuses sound like white noise anyways, from A-ROD saying he “knew they weren’t tic-tac’s” to David Ortiz saying he would look into it….which by the way…how’s that inquiry going Big Papi? 


  So we are left with this, Manny’s time in Boston was most likely as tainted as all the juicers the Yankee’s have employed over the years.  It means that the Red Sox were not immune to the disease that plagued MLB baseball for over 20 years.  It means that another “all-time great” player’s path to the Hall of Fame may not be so clear after all.  In the end as a fan it’s very disappointing to know that a player you loved watching was doing it the wrong way, tainting the game and his self along with it.  Say it ain’t so Manny…say it ain’t so……





Whats the Dealio…..

While everyone in baseball celebrates Jason Giambi’s mustache enhancement, Barry Bonds sits in exhile awaiting a call to play a game he loves.  I just don’t get it, Giambi was a poster boy for the steroid era as much as Barry Bond’s was.  Just because Giambi has not broke any records does not mean he is any less a cheater or a rule-breaker, and the same can be said for that “great” guy Andy Pettite.

Pettitte has also been hailed as hero for his admitting that he also cheated and did performance enhancing drugs.  There are so many examples of guys like this still in baseball, yet Bonds still sits on the sidelines.  While in New York, this bafoon( Giambi) is being celebrated like some type of cult hero.

  In a vacum the numbers Bonds put up last year on one knee is astounding.  In 340 at bats he scored 75 times, had 94 hits, 28 homeruns and drew 132 walks.  His OBP was a robust .480.  Yet there is no team that can find a place for him on thier roster, but a stadium that will honor a steroid user with a mustache day.  MLB and Bud Selig denies any wrong doing or collusion on behalf of the 32 teams in baseball.  The denial from Selig is almost laughable, not unlike alot of things that Selig has said and done. 

  I am not advocating what Bonds may or may not have done, or any of the players that used steroids and that “stuff” as Jason Giambi called it. However who is say who is forgiven and who is not, and if there is a person to have a say, it should not be that hypocrite Bud Selig……