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The Curse of August 15th

So this is the 4th year I have posted about the curse of August 15th….I am hoping this year I can reverse this losing trend the Sox have had on this date for the last 12 season.  Last season….I came close….the Sox were rained out…but lost the make up game that was supposed to have been played on August 15th.  For the record…the Sox have lost every game they have played on August 15th since 1997.  August 15th also happens to be my birthday….as well as one Ben Affleck…also a fellow Red Sox fan…and also the only reason why anyone but me knows that they always lose today.

  Keep your fingers crossed Ben….maybe this is the year…that we can celebrate our birthdays with a Sox victory…….



Me and Ben Affleck and The Red Sox

My PhotoWhat do me and Ben Affleck have in common, if you guessed today being our birthday you would have guessed right. Affleck was born August 15, 1972, and I was born August 15, 1971, and we are both Red Sox fans, but we share one more thing in common.  The Boston Red Sox give us the same thing for our birthday every year, a stinking defeat.  A strange but true stat, the Red Sox have now lost nine games straight on August 15th.  This of course further proves that I am indeed cheering for the right team.  With Curt Schilling on the mound tonight I thought my birthday curse would end.  Curt did his best, and pitched pretty well thru six, had a small hiccup in the seventh, but overall looked like vintage Schilling.  Wily Mo Pena booted a ball in the 9th, leading to a run that might have scored anyway.  One-Two-Three 9th inning, and the curse of August 15th lives on!!!!