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Twice As Nice…………….

 Did you ever see the Naked Movie, the first one, where Lt. Frank Drebin had to dress upas an umpire to foil a plot to kill the queen of england.  Well last nights game was about like that, only no where near as funny.  It seemed that Joba Justin the Hut and the home plate umpire had some type of deal going on how balls and strikes would be called.  It became almost comical how bad the strike zone was last night for the Red Sox hitters.  It seemed the same courtesy was not given to the winning pitcher Josh Beckett.

Josh Beckett Never mind Justin Chamberlain and his umpire inflated strike out totals, how bout them Red Sox sweeping the Yanks in the house that the tax payers built.  The Sox put it to the Yanks every way they had too.  The end result was the Yankees dropping thier 5th straight game to the Red Sox.  Overall the Sox have beaten the Yanks 8 of the last 11 times they have suited up, but whose counting…….

  Josh Beckett was still not back to his old self, however he was gritty, and got the job done.  He had only one bad inning, where he gave up a three homer to turn-coat Johnny Damon, but other than that the Yanks could not get to Beckett.  For the game, Beckett did allow 10 hits and three earned runs, he also fanned five and walked one.  Whatever hype thier was to Joba the Hut’s performance, Beckett was the winning pitcher, and Joba was the loser, end of story, and Beckett did not need an enhanced strike zone to get the job done.

  The Sox hitters had just enough offense to outlast Justin and the Yanks last night, just enough I mean…until the Yanks bullpen arrived.  The difference in this series and the last one, has been the play of both pens.  This time around in the Bronx, the Sox bullpen pitched five innings and allowed only 1 run, the Yanks pen pitched 8 innings and were tagged for six runs, the basic difference in the score was the bullpens.

  It’s funny, because in April, before the Yankees had thrown thier first pitch, or hit thier first hit, I predicted thier pen was going to be dog ****.  I also predicted that Marky mark was going to be hitting somewhere around .200…I was a little off, he is hitting .198.  Either way the end result is fun headlines in Gotham City.  The Yanks have been done in again by thier most hated rival.


Sweep Caroline……

Sox speed to series sweep Other than having to listen to Steve Phillips and Joe Morgan, how sweet was last night’s sweeping finale of the series ?  As usual, the Yanks and Sox provided us with some drama, and this time around, they kept it to under four hours.

  For the Sox, last nights game was really gravy, as they had already taken the series, but man was the gravy sweet.  The Yanks had thier “stopper” Andy Pettite on the mound for them.  Previously he had been 17-1 in starts where the Yankees had losing streaks.  I guess old Andy forgot to take his HGH Sunday morning, because he was not all he could be.  Besides watching the Yanks lose on ESPN Sunday night baseball, the next best thing was watching the look on Pettite’s face when he got punked by Jacoby Ellsbury when he stole home.  It was something you don’t see very often period, and it has been 15 years since the Sox have done it.  It is a gutsy, and electrifying move.

  Justin Masterson was again very effective and economical last night, going 5 1/3 innings.  Masterson fanned four Yanks, and allowed only one earned run.  Masterson gave up six hits to the vaunted Yankee offense, and walked just one batter.  It goes without saying, the future is now for this young prospect with the power sinker.  I think Theo and company have a tough decision on thier hands regarding what to do with Masterson once Dice-K returns from the DL.

  After the fireworks display on saturday, this game was tame in comparison.  Both teams seemed flat, however the Yanks were a tad flatter, as they only managed seven hits versus the Sox pitching, and none after the sixth inning.  The Sox bullpen managed to again handcuff the Yanks.  The Yanks only had one baserunner after the sixth, and never brought the tying run to plate after the sixth inning as well.  For the series, the Sox bullpen pitched 12 and 2/3 of inning against the Yanks, and only yielded three earned runs.  The Yankees wish they could say that, as thier bullpen worked 10 innings, and they gave up 11 earned runs.

  What does a sweep of the Fort Knox Bombers mean this early in the season, not much, although it is always awesome to sweep the hated Yanks.  History shows the Sox seem to always have the Yanks number early.  The Sox have taken every series from the Yanks, except one dating back to 2003. Either way, we will all take it.  It was a great series, and a better home stand.  The Sox have now won 10 straight, and hopefully have gotten thier season on track.

Baseball Theater………….

Kevin Youkilis As is the case when the Sox meet in April, there is always a game or two to remember.  Last’s nights game was no exeption.  It was like the opening of a dramatic broadway play.  It had everything, and as usual, the game found the drama in the drama.  Papelbon versus Mark Teixeria, a winner take all in the 10th with men @ second and third,  Papelbon won….nuff said…



Jon Lester was way better than Joba Chamberlain, end of story.  He went more innings, he had less hits, and pitched his way out of trouble.  Joba needed the inept Sox hitters to bail him out with 4 double plays to end an inning.  Lester, as usual was pretty dominate versus the Yankees, and he seems to have thier number.  Lester has never lost a game to the Yanks, and last night that formula held up.


Hitting-  As will be the case all season, the Sox struggled against a hard throwing righty.  The Sox bailed Joba out inning in and inning out.  However they hit late, when they needed to and when it counted.

SideBar- It has been discovered that before the game, that J.D. Rally Killer Donkey Hole Drew and David Ortiz made a bet on which one would stink on wheat worse.  After a nation wide vote…..dramatic pause….the winner is Donkey Hole Rally Killer.  Rally Killer Drew lived up to his name last night.  Rally Killer went 0-4, with two inning ending double plays, left em loaded with a pop up, left a total of 8 guys on base…when it counted, failed to even advance one runner…and oh yea…he dropped a ball that allowed a run to score…I know it was a tough catch….but he is a big leaguer…and it hit his glove….nuff said…luckily for Donkey Hole Rally Killer…the Sox bailed him out after his normal disappering act.

Bullpens-  The Sox bullpen overall receives a grade of a C- last night.  Hideki Okajima was pure puke, and had to bailed out by Manny Delcarmen after he loaded the bases with recording and out.  And somehow….Javier Lopez found himself in a two run game in the 9th….He also loaded the bases before being bailed out by an awesome play by reigning MVP Dustin Pedoria.  Jonathan Papelbon was not especially sharp, but he was when he needed to be, fanning that piece of crap Mark Teixeria with two runners in scoring postition.  Also my BRO-MANCE with Ramon Rameriz continues to blossom, as he also keeped the Sox in the game by tossing a ZERO on the scoreboard….He was rewarded with the win, his second of the year.



Please Help………….

 So this is Derek Jeter…..you may know him…the playboy/shortstop/hotdog/overrated/overpaid member of the New York Yankees…I had to be specific…since most Yankees are overpaid….

 Now it’s been reported that Derek Jeter makes alot of money thru his contract with the Yankees and various other endorsement deals….however judging from these photos over the years, it appears that old Derek must be going to the same hair cut place, since he looks like a pinhead in all these photos dating back 12-13 years.  Not sure if Derek knows this or not…but it is 2009…maybe time to update your look

 Of course…my grandmother also has not updated her hair style in several decades either….so maybe bad hair do’s are making a come back  It’s obvious that Derek Jeter must have some of the same money problems that the other pin-head A-Fraud has….what else would explain them both getting the same lame haircut for 15 years….

So Yankees fans…please give to the A-Fraud and Derek Jeter haircut fund…they need your help now…more than ever…..

The Yankee Empire……..

So it’s been awhile since I have bashed the Yankees and thier pathetic fan base for an entire blog, guess we better start this season out the right way.  It seems only fair to do so, after all the Yankees are indeed the reigning champions of November and December almost ten years running.  However it seems that October is another story all together.

 So a few weeks ago in spring training, after the A-Fraud scandal had broke, Jeter was in the Yankee dugout, giving an impromptu interview.  The topic of course, was steroids.  Jeter went on and on about how it was not fair to paint all players from the steroid’s era with the same brush.  To that extent, Jeter is correct, however he should just shut his big yapper up about steroids.  Though Derek Jeter may have never taken steroids, no player has gained more from them than he.  Most of Jeter’s career has been played with a bunch of the most notorious steroid users of the steroid era.  I wonder just how great the Yankees would have been in that era of dominance if say, Roidger Clemens, Andy Pettite, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, A-Fraud, Chuck Knoblauch, and possibly David Justice and Bernie Williams, as well as several more players had played clean. Derek, there may have never been a needle in your butt,seems however that ignorance indeed may have been bliss in your case.  Like I said, shut your mouth, and go back to being one of the greatest slap hitters and hyped players of all time.

 “The Genesis of A-Fraud”- Robby Peay

Where did it all go so wrong for the “greatest” player in the game ?  Just a few years back, A- Fraud had it all.  He had one of the best reputations in the game, all the money in the world, and he was playing in the media capitol of the world.  Then one October night back in 2004, a crack appeared in the facade that is A-Fraud.  Since that night it has been thing after the other for this piece of trash.  The bush league play in Toronto, the divorce, allegations of adultry, strippers, and worse still hookers.  Joe Torre’s book surely did not help A-Fraud either.  Then came news that A-Fraud had tested positive for several types of steroids.  Of course like most players caught with thier hand in the cookie jar, A-Fraud downplayed his useage of the illegal drugs.  I guess the final chapter for A-Fraud’s drug use has yet to written, or maybe it has, Selena Robert’s book on the subject is due out latter this month, a must read I’m sure.

  Where does it all end up for A-Fraud and the Yankees ? Who the hell knows, I know this though, there were never two parties more made for each other. Correction, three parties made for each other, the Yankees, A-Fraud, and Yankee Fans.

How proud Yankees fans are to have this collection of overpaid, overhyped, trio of mercenaries on thier team.  In the worst economic climate since the great depression, the Yankees went out and spent just south of 500 million for three players.  The good news for Yankees fans, is they may be good this year, maybe.  CC Sabathia’s blowout loss to the Orioles with standing.  However I guess it’s a good thing Yankee fans are happy with this year’s current crop of free agent signings.  Because guess what, just like A-Fraud, you are stuck with these guys long beyond thier primes, and because thier contracts are 20-25percent more than anyone would pay for them, they are all un-tradeable.

  So Yankee fans, enjoy watching A-Fraud well into to his late late thirties.  He and Markie Mark Teixeira should make up quite a nice infield, and by that time, wheelchairs should be legal in MLB.  Also, good luck with C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett as well.  If Burnett stays off the DL it will be a miracle, and if CC stays out of the buffett line, it will be a bigger miracle, no pun intended.  Can you imagine CC’s waist-line two,three, seven years from now.  Guess what Yankees fans, you don’t have too, he will be a Yankee for all those years, and  for all those different sized uniforms he is going to need.

 So enjoy this season, and all the ones to come Yankee nation.  It should be quite a journey.  Because even if the Yankees win this year, and I doubt they will, they really don’t win beacuse of the price they have mortgaged the future at.  But haven’t I always said that Yankee’s and thier fans were always bad at math.  They always focus on the wrong numbers, like 1918 and 26.  Hey I got one for Yankee Universe, how bout 2000….2000…2000….and over 1.8 billion dollars in payroll spent…to equal zero World Championships……..