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Yankee Bliss…………..

New Stadium……1.3 billion dollars……



Pitching upgrades…..240 million dollars….




Offensive upgrades…..over 200 million dollars


Outspending the Red Sox by……..450 million…….  



  Watching your blood rival turn a three game lead into a one game deficit in four days…………PRICELESS…………………….. 





Ground Hog Day……

Boston Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell reacts to his 3 run HR in the 7th.

What is it when the Sox and Yanks get together, is there a special water they drink, it’s April for crying out loud.  Once again yesterday, the Sox and Yankees answered all the questions about why these games are hyped so much,and why they constantly play these games on national t.v. .


  A Yankee/Red Sox game is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, I guess.  Sometimes they are nail-bitters, and other times it looks like there will be no conclusion until the very last out has been recorded.  This time the last out was recorded almost five hours after the last pitch.  The sun was high in the sky when the game started, it was setting when the game ended.  Terry Francona had a head full of hair, he is now bald, President Obama was just starting his first 100 days, he is now planning his re-election campaign.  Lets put it this way…it was a long game.

  This game was billed as a pitchers duel, however few thought it would be, especially not on the Sox side, as Josh Beckett has been just plain average these days.  On the otherside, A.J. Burnett had been pretty dominate to start his Yankee career.  So when the Yanks jumped to an early 6-0 lead, and Burnett had only allowed one hit thru three innings, you had to think that this series was heading for splits-ville.  What ensued after though was just another historic Yankee/Sox game.


Pitching-  Josh Beckett was horriffic, end of story.  He had only one 1-2-3 inning, and was scored upon eight times in just five complete innings.  What was more amazing, was that Beckett was actually in line to win the game, after the Sox rallied in the 5th to take the lead.  For some reason though, Terry Francona gambled on Beckett, he quickly found out that was a bad move.  Who knows whats going on with Beckett, it’s very clear at this point we are looking at guy closer to the 2008 version of his self, and not the lone brilliant year of his career 2007.

  On the other side, Yankees starter A.J. Burnett was equally as bad.  He also failed to make it six innings, and he was also tagged for a touchdown and two point conversion.  Sure Burnett started good, but the end result was the same, he stunk on wheat as well.

  Hitting-  What’s to say, the Boston Red Sox hitters were brilliant yesterday (notable exception Rally Killer Donkey Hole Drew).  Every Sox hitter except Rally Killer had a hit.  The Sox feasted on the Yankees mediocre bullpen like it was thanksgiving, and they were very thankful.  The Sox made the Yankee pitchers pay for every mistake, including when Yankee manager Joe Giradi walked Drew to get to Mike Lowell, what a dope.  Drew is an automatic out, and Lowell is one of the hottest hitters in the American league.  Lowell took it personally, as he crushed a three run go ahead homer over the MONSTAH !

  Bullpen-  Despite the final score, I felt the Sox bullpen looked pretty good overall.  They pitched four innings yesterday, and allowed only one earned run, not bad at all.  Manny Delcarmen continues to be impressive, and Ramon Rameriz is indeed the real deal.  Once again Hideki Okajima struggled as he gave up a towering homerun to Robbie Cano.  His run was the only one the bullpen surrendered.  Jonathan Papelbon pitched a pretty sloppy 9th inning, however despite throwing 30 pitches, he got out unscathed, and allowed no runs to cross.

  As I said to start the season, The Yankees bullpen is a mess, and the only way they can fix it is to throw more money @ that problem like they do everything else.  The Yankee bullpen also surrendered a touchdown and two point conversion, and they were scored upon in every inning they pitched.  Luckily for them, the Sox did not need to bat in the 9th, otherwise who knows what the final score would have been.


  Who know what tonight will bring, of course this game is on ESPN, and will have an 8pm start time.. Which means both teams will be boarding a plane around 3 am or so.  Hopefully this will be just a “normal” three hour affair between these two teams.







Broadway Bummer For Fort Knox Bombers…..

The exterior of the new Yankee Stadium. Well it was a lovely day to open the new Yankee Stadium.  The billion dollar plus plus stadium was all polished up and ready for business.  The Fort Knox Bombers were ready to go, they had thier 500 million band of free agents on the field dressed in thier best pinstripes.

  Alas today was not about a story book opening though, as the Fort Knox Bombers dropped the first of what I hope is alot of games at the new stadium.  The Yanks were spanked today in front of a sellout crowd.  The final score was 10-2, the second time in a few days the Yanks have given up a touchdown and fieldgoal in a game.  It was nice to see and it brought a little smile to my face when I heard the final score, I swear I almost heard Dirty Water in the background.

  I know the Sox have struggled out of the gate a tad, okay 3-6 is slighty more than a tad.  However the Yankees have started the season against two celler dwellers from last season, while the Sox have played six games already against the best of the A.L., and six games out West already.  At 5-5 I guess it’s true what they say, 450 million sure doesn’t buy what it used too.

“Yankee Legends”……

Unlike alot of baseball fans last night, I was not choked up at the site of the Yankees last game in Yankee Stadium.  In fact I was struck by how many of the Yankee legends that were there, were only rent-a-players.  The whole thing seemed very disengenious to me.  It seems for p.r. value, the Yankees will call anyone a “Yankee legend”, and retire thier number, and maybe even give them a monument.  This a is list of just a few of those “Yankee legends”, I have ommitted Roidger Clemens, since he was not there last night


Go to fullsize image          Go to fullsize image Mr October as he was dubbed by Yankee fans called alot of places home in his 20 year career.  Jackson played only five season for the Bronx Bombers, and ripped the Yankees on his way out of town.  It wasn’t until the late 90’s and the Yankee’s championship run that Jackson embraced his “Yankee roots”.

Go to fullsize image   Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image Who can forget Wade Boggs riding on the back of a horse after the Yankees won the World Series.  I guess Yankee’s brass and thier fans can forget that boggs played 18 big league season, and only five were in New York.  Boggs played 11 years for the Red Sox, and finished his career with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  Who can forget Boggs attempt at selling the rights to which cap he wore into the Hall of Fame.  Classy guy, another “Yankee legend”.

Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize imageDave Winfield, dubbed “Mr October” by George Steinbrenner.  Winfield played 22 season in the big leagues, and only 8 of them were with the Bronx Bombers.  Winfield never won a World Series title with the Yanks, and like Jackson trashed the Yankees for years, until they started winning again in the late 90’s.  Like Jackson, he also became a born again Yankee.


Go to fullsize image   Go to fullsize image    Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image Also prancing around Yankee Stadium last night was this moribund Yankee Legend.  Wells played 20 major league seasons, and of course only four were with the Yanks.  If your keeping track, thats just two more than he played here in Boston.  Well’s resume is quite long, and I did not have space for all the different uniforms he has occupied.

Go to fullsize image    Go to fullsize image   Go to fullsize image  Another “Yankee Legend” that seemed to play @ Yankee stadium for a short time.  Brosius played 10 big league seasons, and only 4 were for the Yanks.  I guess thats 40%, which is getting closer to half of a career.

The list goes on and on, from Paul O’Neil to Roger Maris, from David Cone to Darryl Strawberry to Dwight Gooden.  The Yankees are willing to call just about anybody a “Yankee Legend”.  When they finally close old Fenway Park down, you will not see Johnny Damon or David Wells roaming the diamond thats for sure.  The Red Sox have respect for thier past players, and they do not need to distort the past to do so.




Updates from Fenway ...Whatever you watch and read about this game, the real story was the inconsistancy behind the plate by the umpires.  Home plate umpire Marty Foster is clearly a Yankee fan, and his bias was more than evident tonight.  The Yanks lone run was scored, when Beckett was squeezed with two outs and two strikes on two different batters, that allowed the inning to continue in both instances.  The entire game it seemed the strikezone was different for the Yanks and Sox.  The K zone on NESN showed many instances where the home plate umpire Marty Foster not only got it wrong, but wasn’t even close.

  With one out and a man at first, Mike Lowell was called out was called on a called strike three that he had to move out of the way for.  The replays showed the pitch was no where near the zone, in any way shape or form.  J.D. Drew of course was also called out on a called strike three to end the game.  However his strikeout did not look as bad, he just looked like a jackass standing there with the game on the line and his hand up his ***.  Typical for Drew, twice he came up in this game with men on base, and both times he folded. 

  Look I get it, Major League Baseball needs the Yankees in the playoffs every year.  Isn’t it enough though that they recieve an easier schedule than everyone in the A.L. East.  I think with the favor they ave recieved from MLB they should at least have to go out and win thier games.  Obviously what I hate a loss to the Yanks, but what i hate more is when the umps decide the outcome of a game, especially as close as this one.